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7 Jan 2022

With the growing stress and depression all around the world due to financial and personal reasons, it has become highly essential to invest in self-care. Now, you must be wondering what else you can do when you are eating right and doing physical activities regularly. What you are going to read next may shock you a bit, but it is an actual fact that women use sex toys as a part of the self-care routine. Yes, you read that correctly!! Everything ranging from masturbation, self-pleasure, and orgasms comes under self-care. Adult toys like LELO luna beads are widely known to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles of women and revive their sensitivity down there. The Luna Beads are also widely known for helping women to get exploding and...

17 Nov 2021

The LELO Gigi 2 has gained the attention of so many people because it is known to be the best G-spot massager. For anyone who doesn’t know what a G-spot massager is, it is somewhat about the size of a small coin. Situated with the frontal wall of the vagina, the G-spot is about two to three inches if you measure it from the opening of the vagina.

If you want to use a sex toy to massage the G-spot, stary by finding it first. In order to find the right spot, make sure you first insert two of your fingers inside the vagina and take them towards the upper side. You have found the right spot if you feel a rough yet textured vaginal wall. Now let us discuss an orgasm. If you have never experienced one, there is absolutely no need to think...

28 Oct 2021

The pandemic has turned the tables completely. Stepping out almost seems like a dream come true and meeting friends and other dear ones is next to impossible. Amidst all this, so many of them faced issues with their sex life also. You might be wondering why. Well, sex is something which can never be enjoyed without partners. Right? Wrong! With the invention of some absolute amazing and convenient sex toys, enoying sex alone has now become everyone’s cup of tea. From vibrators like LELO Gigi 2 to dildos, and many more the list of these toys is never ending. At Joujou LELO Specialist, we take pride in providing sex toys that are designed keeping in mind the intimacy and fantasises of the couples. Our collection of sex toys will surely...

22 Sep 2021

To experience utmost pleasure during partnered or solo sex, individuals tend to different pathways. To name a few, using adult toys for clitoral stimulations, G-spot stimulations, or using handcuffs during foreplay. These sex toys are primarily designed to reach peak pleasure during intimate times. The world of pleasure is wide, especially when you look at the different types of gender-specific LELO vibrators each of us can try. However, it sometimes gets confusing with so many types of adult toys available for you to buy. If you are wondering how to figure which toy to invest in, keep reading through to have a clear picture. 

What are the different types of sex toys?

Let us check out the most common and highly popular adult toys...

3 Sep 2021

Are you looking to strengthen and restore your pelvic floor?

You might be wondering after reading the title. LELO Luna Beads are something that you might have used for pleasure. But these toys are also highly beneficial for the pelvic floor in women. They have proven to provide many health benefits to women of all ages. A group of women finds that the regular kegel exercises with Luna Beads tone the pelvic muscles and strengthen them even more effectively than typical methods. 

What are Luna Beads?

Luna Beads are top-quality toys made with four kegel exercise balls. These exercise and sex toys, designed by LUNA, are famous for their excellent design and quality. 

The beads of this toy are weighted to promote the increasing strength of...

5 Jul 2021

Who said guys shouldn’t give male sex toys a go? Even though there may be less of an abundance when it comes to sex toys for the males as compared to the females, but that doesn’t mean guys cannot even try them. Not only can the right sex toy unlock pleasures, that by the way massturbation can reach, as an amazing benefits, the toys can also allow you to explore yourself in the best possible way.

Sex toys when used with the partners, they not only spice up things but also makes sure that both of them experience pleasure, orgasm, satisfaction, and sensuality. Hence, are you planning to purchase sex toys online? Get in touch with the professionals at JOUJOU. With years of experience and knowledge about sex toys in the industry, we feel...

3 Jun 2021

Individuals are increasingly getting aware of sex toys in recent years and considering utilizing them to enhance their sexual pleasure. Using sex toys is a part of self-care and a way of exploring the body along with its pleasure points. Couples or individuals who find themselves shopping for adult toys witness an enhanced level of sexual satisfaction by using multifunctional toys like vibrators, dildos, etc. However, most individuals shy away from visiting adult toy stores physically and buying a toy for themselves, preventing them from pleasurable sensual moments. Luckily, the advancement in technology is here to rescue these people!! Individuals can now visit online adult shops in Australia to buy adult toys of their choice from...

28 Apr 2021

Is it only the ladies who want to experience the best sex ever? Well, there are so many people who assume that it is just the ladies who want to feel a deeper connection with their sexuality. In addition to this, it is also said that they want to overcome the taboos about sex pleasure. Well, you would be surprised to know that most of the sex toys are purchased by men from an online adult shop in Australia.

Who are these mens who put their pleasure first? This is the piece where you will find out how you can spice up your sex life with the help of the sex toys. You will also find out how mens experience the best sex ever. All thanks to the sex toys store that sell such amazing toys.

As a seller, I came across this men who wanted to...

1 Apr 2021

When you think of dildos, glass is not the material that strikes one's mind as a concept. one does naturally gravitate towards purchasing plastic or rubber-based dildos. However, as experts that know plenty about sex toys and , we know that although you may be wary of using glass sex toys bought from adult shops, they can be totally amazing to carry off. sex toys store in Australia

As you peruse through sex toys online, make sure to look at the selection of glass dildos And being able to imagine the fun you're going to have in your relationship Through this period of time spent together being intimate with each other.

Here are some reasons for you to choose glass dildos over any other kind of dildos that you can find at adult shops: 

  • The...

6 Mar 2021

If you are planning to purchase sex toys online, you need to give a thought to a plethora factors before makng the next move. So, if you are one of them, we bet this piece will be really useful to you. Let’s dive into the article before further ado.

Planning to purchase sex toys is one of the best decisions you have made especially in this lockdown time. But, while you are doing that you need to get in touch with providers who are reliable and provide great quality products. One of them is JouJou. They are known to provide the best quality sex toys. Till date, they have worked wonders for most of them. As of now, they are considered as the best adult store in town.

While you have been searching for an online shop adult toys Australia,

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