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1 Apr 2021

When you think of dildos, glass is not the material that strikes one's mind as a concept. one does naturally gravitate towards purchasing plastic or rubber-based dildos. However, as experts that know plenty about sex toys and , we know that although you may be wary of using glass sex toys bought from adult shops, they can be totally amazing to carry off. sex toys store in Australia

As you peruse through sex toys online, make sure to look at the selection of glass dildos And being able to imagine the fun you're going to have in your relationship Through this period of time spent together being intimate with each other.

Here are some reasons for you to choose glass dildos over any other kind of dildos that you can find at adult shops: 

  • The clean and sterile Hyson all that you require to clean these dildos or soap and water. In order to sterilise them, you could just throw them in boiling water, and they will be strictly clean there on out.

  • Extremely safe to share

  • They are also waterproof.

These glass dildos are made using Pyrex type tempered glass that is known for its durability and the extreme temperatures they're heated. It strengthens the glass so that they are firm to use. Another very unique facet about glass dildos is that they can be chilled in the freezer or warm to your liking in order to make sure the playing field is more exciting. Some of these glass dildos are ribbed with dots and spirals. Some of these are curved, and the other ones are thinner, and even those are just plain smooth. They even last for anywhere between 5 to 10 years as they are strong, durable, Long lasting come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also can reach the coveted G spot and make a woman squeal in pleasure.


The pricing on the glass dildos can be a little steep. However, on a good sale there, you could comp an amazing offer and get it at an affordable rate. You don't even have to worry about the product deteriorating in its value and durability as they are made using non-porous materials. It is, in fact, a very great investment and ranks top in terms of value.

The shape and Texture

Yes, although you could find it in a straight fit or even have a curved one, the comparison of the climax in both is extremely high. You could use different types of dildos, such as those with Texture and swirls, And others have dotted Texture. They are widely available and fit each one's taste.

All of these different facets about glass doodles are interesting but very useful if you consider going buy sex toys from a sex toys store in Australia. Experiment Away!



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