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2 Feb 2021

Whether you are scrolling down an online store, perusing the displayed at a sex toy store, shopping for adult sex toys can be overwhelming. You do not only have to find out the best adult sex toys store in Australia, but you also need to consider aspects. Figure out what all the particular toy does and whether it works aligns with your needs or not. That's why we have put together a guide about different toys, their use and whether you should buy them or not. 


The dildo is anything vaguely phallic-shaped, and there are majorly four types that the adult shops offer. 

  • Standard Dildo

Also popular as single-ended dildos, these dildos are mostly similar to biological penises in appearance and function. It can be worn in a harness or used by hand to stimulate the spots in the body. If you are using a standard Dildo during solo sex, prefer to buy the toy with a suction cup base. It is because you can attach the toy your way on the shower wall and use it accordingly.  

  • Textured dildo

The changing material of dildos also has an impact on sensation. For example, a dildo with a stainless steel material may have a heavier weight than the silicone one. Therefore, it may increase the feeling of fullness. You might also find a variety of sex toys online with different textured details. You might want to experience varying textures once you are used to using the toy.  

  • Double-ended dildos

As the name suggests, this dildo has a head at both ends. These usually have a length of 12-24 inches, and they may sometimes look like two dildos fixed together. Based on the shape, double-ended dildos let you use them in different holes or the same hole at a time. You can look for them easily in one of the adult shops online. 

  • Strapless strap-on

People sometimes consider it similar to double-ended dildos, but they are somehow different. Strapless strap-ons are ideal if an individual wants to wear the toy even when he/she is with their partner to experience extra fullness. You may also wear it with a harness to reduce the strain. The adult sex toys store in Australia has the best strapless strap-on. 


Harnesses are made to help wear standard dildos with it. They are also available in different types, but you only need to take one thing in mind that it fits you. The major types the adult shops might have include underwear style, strap-on style, and bondage harness. 

Apart from these, you can also look for an external vibrator, internal vibrator, combination vibrator, rabbit vibrator, non vibrating bands and more. It all depends on what you like after knowing about the toys and what you expect from one.


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