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14 Oct 2020
Whenever you end a session with your coveted adult toys, make sure to spend a few minutes cleaning them. It is a healthy and hygienic practice; else, you may land up in the hospital with an infection to your private parts. Admittedly, it will be embarrassing to explain as to what made you so critically ill. 

Well, cleaning a sex toy like vibrators is not a herculean task.  No doubt, cleaning a waterproof vibrator is easy. All you need to do is wash your vibrator in warm water.  Thorough cleaning in warm soapy water is good enough to disinfect it. You are better off finishing the disinfection process with a rinse of antibacterial wipes. If you purchase adult toys online, do not hesitate to cleanse them with a disinfectant before first use. Although the reputed brand of sex toys guarantees sanitation during the packaging process, yet it is a good practice to make it go through a pre-use disinfection process to be on the safe ground. 

In the post-use cleaning process, you need to take a tissue and wipe the places where vaginal discharge, lubricant, or jelly may have accumulated.  In this process, you may need more than one tissue. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe the outer surface of the toy. You need to avoid extremes implying that the cloth should not be dripping wet.  Lightly soak the cloth’s corner and use the immediate section next to the edge to wipe over your adult toys in Australia.  
If your adult toys have detachable or moveable parts, you need to have the patience of disconnecting them individually and wipe all the moving parts. The last thing that you want is missing cleaning any portion of your sex toy.  
Finally, you have to ensure that your vibrator is completely dry. Even a tinge of moisture makes for the perfect breeding ground of unwanted bacteria. Hence, you have to do the needful to prevent it.  The best way to store your sex toy is a plastic bag or a box. It will inhibit the settlement of dust and cross-contamination. If you have a clean airtight container, do not hesitate to use it for storing your sex toys. 

Never take the cleanliness of your sex toys for granted. Dirty and dusty sex toys will invite unwanted infections to the most intimate parts of your body that may ruin your healthy life and romantic relationships. The adult shop at your doorsteps is one of the most adorable and valuable stores that you’ll ever find to buy adult toys online in Australia. 


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