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26 Mar 2020

The world of sex toys is expanding and sex toys users are overwhelmed by the options they have. We have seen sexy toys that are pretty. Some sex toys in Australia are very inexpensive and some come in fun looking shapes and sizes. If a sex toy looks good and feels good, this does not mean that it is good for your health. It is important to check the ‘body safe’ label before you purchase a dildo, anal beads or any other sex toy. 

You don’t want a short-term pleasure at the cost of long-term health problems in the future. The material used for making a sex toy is an important factor you have to consider. However, it is easy to understand which materials are ‘body safe’. 

Sex toys are made from the following materials: 

  • Jelly 

  • Rubber (TPR/TPE)

  • Wood 

  • Crystal/Stone 

  • Hard plastic 

  • Glass 

  • Steel 

  • Silicone   


It is a soft material with a velvety or fleshy feeling. Jelly sex toys are almost entirely see-through even when they are coloured. However, this cheap mixture of plastics is not easy to clean and sanitize. 


TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) is used for making inexpensive masturbators. As the material is semi-porous, it can’t be sanitized. 


Sex toys made from wood are not very popular. Correctly made wood sex toys can be very pleasurable. Keep in mind that wood is also porous. So, it can also be unsafe. 


Crystal/stone is also a less popular material toy designers use for making pretty sex toys. Quartz crystal is the most used stone/crystal. However, sex toys without medical grade sealants are porous and therefore, unsafe.

Hard Plastic (ABS)

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is non-porous and non-toxic and hence safe for making sex toys. You can wash and sanitize your adult toys


Most glass toys are safe as glass is 100% non-porous. You can wash and sterilize your glass sex toys. 


It is a 100% non-porous material. Sex toys made from steel are easy to clean and sterilize. 


This is the most popular, non-porous material used for making sex toys that are easy to clean and sterilize. 


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