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28 Jan 2020

With the new year at your doorsteps, it’s time for you to make some fresh new resolutions this year. Don’t keep on boring yourself with the same stale resolutions that you’ll break in the first week. Instead of that, you must make some resolutions regarding your sex life. For instance, you could think of adding the sex toys in Australia in your bucket list, this year. This will definitely add some fun to your intimate life. A sex resolution is the one that you’ll actually keep for once. This resolution could help you improvise your sex life and one tiny change in your bedroom could help you improve your intimate life in the best possible manner. It’s never too late to start something new, so why not, today? 

Kickstart your 2020 by focussing on pleasure.

  • Devote in your own pleasure - If you’re searching to switch up or change the sexual routine this year, the best place will be to start with your own self. Try not to ignore all your desires, get to learn more about yourself and learn about what turns you on more. Buy the adult toys in Australia, please yourself, watch porn, take out some time to spend with your partner and have fun. 

  • Initiate a sex bucket list - If you have a sex bucket list, this can really bring plenty of adventure in your bedroom. If you don’t have this bucket list, then you must create one in 2020. This could be anything sex-related that you’d like to try at some point in your life. It could be a threesome, sex in the car, trying out positions and other things. All you need to do is follow your list throughout the year in order to make it true. 

  • Switch up the routine - If you’re tired of having the same old routine, you need to upgrade your adult life by switching it up on the new year. It’s very monotonous to go on and follow the same routine. So, you must add some alterations to it by upgrading it. Try out healthy and different things to please yourself and your partner. Why not try out some positions that you’ve never tried before with your partner. You can check out the Karma Sutra positions in order to see how adventurous it gets. For this, you could also get out of the bedroom for some added pleasure. Some people even try out having sex outside the bedroom and in some other areas. This can definitely be a game-changer and super adventurous for both the partners. 

 Happy Sex Life!


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